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'The Magic That Saved Planet Earth'

The Magic that saved Planet Earth

...In the end it was magic that saved the planet Earth. Oh, not hocus-pocus and abracadabra, but magic nonetheless...the real kind. Universe magic. The stuff that's always been there since the beginning of time, although time has no true beginning, and that's another part of the story. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 
I have been appointed as chronicler of the events that transpired, so I'll try to tell it as best as I can, though it isn't a tale that lends itself to easy explanations.
The Twenty-first Century was a time of magic - magic run amok really, and so nobody saw it that way, or recognized it for what it was. They called it science. But it was magic too - a kind of the magic that saved the earth, though it came damn near to destroying it. The human race found science-magic before they were quite ready for it - before they had come to terms with other gentler parts of the Greater Magic, before they were able to really understand the way the whole thing worked, and how delicate a balance was required. You see, they hungered for knowledge, as they had been programmed to do. They longed for more, always more.
What they weren't able to realize until it was almost too late was that it was all there inside themselves, everything they dreamed of and desired. 

They were capable of anything and everything, but were too consumed to see it. But I jump ahead again. Forgive my wanderings, but this task is an arduous one, and I write with relief so great as to be overwhelming at times. It was so close at the end, so very, very close....and the entire balance of the Universe was at stake.
Everything depended on them, on their actions. Not that I ever doubted them, not really, although my Masters found my trust naive at times. It's just that I had worked so hard and for so long - eons and eons of guidance and teachings, only to be very nearly thwarted at the end - to see my work undone by the one quality that I had nurtured in them.
Oh the sorrow had it been so, the sorrow! 
The greatest irony of all was that their truest virtue was also their worst flaw. That thirst for knowledge, for understanding their existence, and all that came with it, and that baser, darker side which is the burden of intelligence. But again, I digress. Let me introduce myself, and begin my tale again.

I am Akkurra, which means the Nurturer, and my task has always been to guide the men of Earth towards enlightenment. I was so appointed when the human race was first entrusted with the planet they called Earth, and were named protectors over it. Ah, it was Eden then, and always has been. Paradise was never lost, it was always there for those who chose to see it. But that's the whole point isn't it - so obvious it's like a slap in the face. It's all in the way you see it. Choices. Always choices. 
I have been known on Earth by many names, for whenever necessary I have been permitted to take on my true form, though in the doings of men my names were many. Mahavira Buddha was my one of my names, and I walked the earth as the man known as Jesus. But I was limited, my influence could only be felt by those who wished to see it.
I was not to interfere in the development of man, only to illuminate a pathway they might choose to follow, if they would open their eyes to see it. But always, I was hindered by man's reluctance to trust in himself, by his resistance to the arduous task of self-discovery, and his desire to dominate his environment. Ah the price of intelligence - power - the greatest corrupter of all, and the most insidious and sly of enemies. 

My role required the most infinite delicacy. I was able only to suggest the existence of the great True Laws of Equality, Democracy, and of Compassion and Respect for all Life.
And of course the Great Power of Love.
But always man's dark violent urges tested and tempted him. Always he fought his own strength, until he was forced to look into himself for the answers. 
By the close of the millennia the world was in chaos. The planet was near dead, all but murdered by it's own most precocious inhabitants, the ultimate treachery having been committed. Worse than matricide, for Mother Earth nurtured many more than her human inhabitants, and while she may have been a strict mother, she was a mother of exquisite beauty and gentleness. She had given all of herself to her adolescent spawn, and they in turn had used her and abused her and left her gasping for breath while her death-rattle resounded through space.
It was an abomination. Species of incredible beauty and rarity were forced to extinction - creatures that existed nowhere else in the Universe, and would never be again, ever. They were powerless, as they always had been, to the human onslaught, they fell and died a million deaths with cries of fear and anguish. Betrayed! Betrayed! The cries of a thousand infants murdered by their parents could not have sounded again and again through infinity.
My Masters summoned me. 

"Akkurra - friend. You have worked long and hard and your task has not been an easy one. Tell us now - for the planet Earth is in great peril - are your charges worthy of so great a trust? It seems they are unable to reach the Light, as you, and we, had hoped they might. Can we allow this to go on any longer, for the death throes of this planet will have far-reaching implications, and may even tear the fine-spun threads that weave the tapestry of the Universe. We cannot allow such a thing, for it is one thing for a planet to die a natural death...such is the way of things, part of the order of life. But the murder of a planet is another thing altogether. Such a precedent would send waves of abhorence through the ethers, that could resonate with greater and greater sorrow, until all of space and time would be filled with a terrible and irrevocable horror. The implications of such an act are beyond comprehension. We cannot allow it. The time for intervention is upon us. Speak, Akkurra, for our trust in you is complete, and the fate of humanity lies on your shoulders. How has it come to this?"

My sorrow was great.

"Masters - the people of the planet Earth are aware of their follies. Even now they are uniting to work to save their planet. They are realizing their errors and rectifying the damage. I have faith in their abilities, for they have the capabilities required - they are full of great hope and their capacity for adaption is well documented. They must be granted time."

"Is it not true that they have wasted and squandered the resources of Earth? Are they not responsible for the destruction of great species? Have they not treated that with which they were entrusted with scorn and contempt? The gift of knowledge was too great a responsibility for them. They have abused it, have become greedy for power and wealth. The wisdom you so carefully revealed to them they have repeatedly ignored, and twisted all truths to their own advantage. They are a threat. Do they not continue to murder and war, to plunder and pillage, to rape and molest? Is there not great and terrible suffering amongst them? Can we, in all conscience, allow this to continue?"

"But we must, my Masters. Have you not taught me by your own example to trust in the process of growth? How many times did you watch while I stumbled and erred, allowing me to understand and learn as I grew? We owe them that much! The time has come for their greatest test. They have reached their moment of truth and must face their innermost selves. Now is the moment of revelation, and with it, I promise, will come enlightenment. They must be allowed to face it, my Teachers, for this is what we have been waiting for all these millenia. They will not fail, though they falter."

"But the price...is too high...too great a price...."

"...We must trust them, trust in their essence, for they are beings of great joy and spirituality...they will find the way...they must!"

I could say no more.

What followed will be named by historians and record-keepers across the Galaxies by many different titles. Already the Andurans have dubbed it 'Boosjarus', the Moment, for they of that most revered and evolved planet were truly sceptical of the human possibilities. You see, the frightening thing about it - the thing that had us all doubting - well, except for me of course (phew!) - is that what was necessary for the survival of this species, their planet, and - at that point maybe even the ENTIRE UNIVERSE(!) - was an actual evolutionary jump. 

Now, the thing about evolutionary jumps that is so - well - unpredictable - is that they can't be computed or even anticipated. I knew we were due for the biggie, but in all honesty I couldn't promise anyone it was really going to happen - because the trigger point has to just occur, and then it's like a metamorphosis - just like the caterpillar to butterfly thing, but instantaneous.
It's almost as though all of the moments leading up to the trigger point become ancient history seconds after - as though fifty thousand years has passed in the blink of an eye and then suddenly there you are - in a new era - a new creature - better - more evolved - with a deeper understanding of all things and almost no connection to the immediate past.
Why do you think the 'missing link' was never found? Because there never was one. Humanity had made a jump before - but never one like this - oh no. This one was a leap all right, and it took mankind only a moment to achieve, although they had been leading up to it for a very long time indeed. 
It was magic, you see, pure and simple, and it came from the minds and the hearts of man. And the trigger point? Joy. A joy so rare and uplifting and giddy as to approach nirvana. A joy of the greatest beauty and truth imaginable. A joy of transcendental heights that soared in the souls of all mankind for that moment - that wonderful moment of re-creation. 
For a man had discovered - yes, through technology and science-magic, an exceptional and astounding new type of picture-taking - a new type of film that captured the essence of it's subject - the life essence. The film was sensitive to the emotional imprints of it's subjects, and captured not their physical selves, but their souls.

 And in his first secret experiments with this new discovery the man set his equipment up to record the soul imprints that he might capture while filming the night skies. And later that night, in the watching of this film, he and his wife were the first to witness the heart-achingly exquisite colours - of the purest yellow and tender green, of a pink you could weep for joy at the sight of, of a blue that made your soul sigh. For this man had captured the inter-connectedness of all of the Universe on his magical reel, had witnessed the spark of soul-life in all things, both within and without the physical plane. 
And it took the world, through the magic of modern technology, just afew hours more to see it too, and to soar at the sight of it.
For the love of it. Oh for the love of it.
And so the Earth was saved, and all the Universe with it, and the Light came streaming in.

The End

Author's note: I wrote this story in the summer of 1988, while at a cottage on an island up in Canada's Muskokas. At the time the story came to me as though from 'above', and I can only say that I now believe it was sent to me telepathically from the Pleiadians. This was long before we knew about DNA, long before the advent of the internet or social media. For those of you who know about the Ascenscion, and the contact with ET's and ED's you will know now that indeed the human race is experiencing an evolutionary shift. At the time of writing this story I was not sure how this shift would occurr, I didn't even know about DNA, nor about it's ability to change - none of us did. I could only write about the shift and the change, and so used the metaphor of a type of film that would change the world as an artist's device, if you will, as I was not able to fully understand, nor explain, how this change could happen. I remember as I wrote about the world learning of this film within afew hours of it's being discovered, and thinking that in the future this would be possible. Of course shortly afterwards the internet was invented, making this a reality.
I also remember wondering why on earth I was writing science fiction, a genre I had never really attempted before. I showed it to the people I was with that weekend, and at the time they didn't seem to think the story was logical, as how could humanity possibly evolve in such a way? It has been sitting in a drawer ever since. I am sharing it now, as to me, the fact that I wrote this so long ago, and the fact that this is exactly what we are experiencing now, is profound. Strangely, I found a site yesterday that described the Andurans as a highly evolved winged extra terrestrial race. Is truth stranger than fiction? ...yes I can honestly state that it is, and that sometimes, just sometimes, a little divine intervention may be at hand when you pick up your pen....so treat the act of writing with the deepest reverence, and keep the love and gratitude in your heart because it is a gift as rare and precious as gold. Love is all. God is love. Love is the answer! 
Michelle McGrahan Devlin is based in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and this work is copyright. 

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